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I’m an expert, reliable Cloud[“JavaScript”] remote developer for Ensono and open to Contract work.
Self-taught Programmer, Father, “Husband in Training”, Teacher and former super-soldier with pics to prove it.

My marketable skill set was built starting 2008 with continuous professional development and experiences spring-boarded from a decade of legacy web development.

“JavaScript”: {
“Focus”: [“REST”, “AJAX”, “JSON”, “jQuery”, “DOM”, “Node/NPM”, “MeteorJS”, “MongoDB”,
“Angular 4+”, “Swagger”
“Primed”: [“ReactJS”, “PhoneGap/Cordova”]
“Microsoft”: {
“Focus”: [“IIS”, “Classic ASP”, “VBScript”, “ADO”, “SQL (No scratch SP or tuning)”, “PowerShell”,
“Visual Studio”, “Azure DevOps>TFS”
“Primed”: [“.NET Core”, “C#”, “Word”, “Excel”, “PowerPoint”]
“AWS”: {
“Focus”: [“S3”, “Route53”, “IAM”, “Lambda”, “Alexa Skills”, “JavasScript SDK”],
“Primed”: [“EC2”, “Config”, “DynamoDB”]
“HTTP”: {
“Focus”: [“HTML5”, “CSS3”, “Responsive Design”, “Browser Compatibility”],
“Primed”: [“Bootstrap”, “Material Design”, “SCSS”]
“VMware”: {
“Focus”: [“vCloud Plugins”, “Clarity”, “Orchestrator API”, “vCloud API”],
“Primed”: [“Orchestrator”, “vSphere”, “All APIs (25+)”]
“Java”: {
“Focus”: [“OOP similar to C#, TypeScript and JavaScript syntax”],
“Primed”: [“Eclipse IDE”, “Flutter”, “Android”]

Six years of US Army experience as a company Training NCO, Bailey Bridge Commander and Squad Leader serves me well in any industry. Check out the picture of me getting the United Way NCO of the Year award from Clint Eastwood. 

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Randell Hynes

Managing Director of Middle Party—US.

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